Pony Pile Up Purse Pack or Snack Pouch

Pony Pile Up Purse Pack or Snack Pouch

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Did you know? Our Purse Packs also make excellent snack bags?! It's true!

As a Purse Pack:

The Purse Pack is a cute, easy to use and very helpful wrap for your individual Body Honour Cloth Pads.

Fitting our regular and long panty liners as well as our regular and postpartum pads, this awesome wrap is waterproof and will allow you to carry your pads in your purse (backpack, briefcase, glovebox) without issue!

As a Snack Pouch:

Pack cookies, crackers and other yummy treats in these easy to access anti-plastic-baggies. Made of PUL, these wraps will keep your treats inside dry from that sweating water bottle or yogurt as it's made from food-grade waterproof material. 

To wash, simply rinse in the sink, or toss in with your laundry on cold.

Looking for more prints? Check out our line of Purse Packs in the wet bags section - they are identical in design. :)

Please note: While each of these individual items are made from the fabric shown, they may not all look exactly as this image does given the cuts of material.