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Overnight/Postpartum Pads - Neutral Prints, Wholesale

Overnight/Postpartum Pads - Neutral Prints, Wholesale

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For wholesale purchase only.

Price per unit: $8.50 Minimum MSRP: $17.00.

A variety of neutral panty liners will be sent. Gentle patterns, solid colours, grey, brown, cream, black, etc. Images are samples only. (For bold fabrics, or a blend of bolds and neutrals, please see other listings, or leave us a note at checkout.)

Minimum order: 4

This item is "package-free" a small information card will be pinned with a reusable bulb pin to the top corner of the pad. (Full packaging options will be available in 2022.)

Pad specs:
- approx. 11 inches in length
- perfect for heavy flow, overnight, and for postpartum flow
- cotton/flannel topped, zorb core, fleece backing, and KAM brand snaps.