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DIY Foaming Hand Soap

So, on this little good-riddance-single-use-stuff journey of mine, I decided last Sunday to make my own foaming hand soap for our home. 

I was previously buying Method - but I'm not sure why... I had it in my mind that the company products were ranking good on the EWG Skin Deep Database - but, yeah... not so much. (I guess that goes to show that I can make myself believe anything if it is convenient to do so...hmm...)

When I saw the little IKEA glass bottles at my local yoga and aromatherapy studio, I made a detour one day while out and stopped in and bought 6 of them. They were 79 cents! What a steal... except, they don't actually foam... but oh well, I still really like this soap, so we'll keep it. 

This recipe is super simple, and I actually had all of the ingredients, and a lovely assistant, on hand. It was very surprising how little of each ingredient you actually need to get a great, skin softening, and sudsy soap!

Here's what we used:

  • 2 Tbsp of liquid Castille soap - I used Dr. Bronners unscented
  • 1 Tsp of Castor Oil - leaves your skin super soft.
  • 10 drops of essential oils (I used 5 drops doTerra OnGuard, 3 Bergamot, and 2 Lime, Karley made hers with OnGuard, Lavender and Bergamot - she's oil happy so there was more than 10 I'm sure.)
  • Water

Here's what we did:

Add the soap, oil, and essential oils to the jar. Fill the rest of the way with water and shake. These jars hold just about a cup of liquid, so adjust accordingly to make more or less.


Walla. Seriously, that's it.

If you live in the HRM, Nova Scotia and you're looking for Dr. Bonners and Castor Oil check out the Parks Health Shop in Bedford. That's where I get mine. If not, I'll soon add some links to Amazon. If you're looking for super high-quality essential oils, visit our essential oils section. I only use doTerra... I'll save the many reasons why for another blog. ;)

Ok! Give it a try and let us know how you make out!

Looking for a glass Foaming Soap Dispenser? Try this one.

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