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Beeswax Wrap Care and Information

Learn when and how to use beeswax food and storage wraps in your home, and how to clean and care for them to get the longest possible life from them. Then, learn how to return your used wraps back to the earth, or to us.

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Body Honour Reusable Beeswax Food Wraps are a natural and reusable alternative to plastic wrap food storage.

We love fabric. We love colour and whimsy, and believe that if you have something that you love, you are more likely to use it. That's why we make Body Honour Beeswax Wraps with printed cotton rather than plain. After washing, ironing and cutting our pieces, we infuse our fabric with pure beeswax, natural tree resin & jojoba oil.

Body Honour Beeswax Food Wraps can be used in countless ways! Here are a few ways that we use them in our home every day:

  • Prolong the life of, and protect cut fruit and vegetables
  • Wrap cheeses and cured meats - never raw meats
  • Keep breads and pastries fresh and delicious
  • Cover salad bowls and casserole dishes
  • Separate the crackers from our cheese and grapes in our bento boxes
  • Fold to make snack bags
  • Wrap our bar of soap and shampoo bars for camping
  • Protect our reusable straws in my purse
  • Cover the bristles of my toothbrush when traveling
  • Wrap the top of my open wine bottle to keep the fruit flies out
  • Cover cans of opened pet foods

The list goes on - we'd love to see your ideas! Please share them on social!

Beeswax Wrap Care:

To clean, rinse with cool water. If you've wrapped something that made a bit of a mess, use a small squirt of dish soap, and scrub gently with your hand.

Then hang to dry and Always avoid heat. 

With regular use, your wraps will last up to a year, and can be heated on low heat in the oven, to redistribute the wax and get a bit more life out of them. Place your beeswax wrap on a piece of parchment paper on a cookie sheet - do not overlap - then heat for 5 mins on low, 250-275 C. Lift from cookie sheet right away and all a few seconds to cool.

When you've gotten all that you can from your wraps, you can shred and compost - our wraps are biodegradable! 

The Body Honour Beeswax Wrap Trade Program:

If you're finished with your beeswax wrap, ANY beeswax wrap, made by any large or small manufacturer, from any distributor, you can bring them to us at a local event and receive 20% off of your next round of Body Honour beeswax wraps. 

If you have any questions at all, please connect with us at any time!

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