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Body Honour Blog

  • Let's Put 'em to the Test!

    We're now ready to test our new Period Panties out and we’re looking for your help! We’ve been creating our own line of Period Panties, a...
  • But, Don't They Stain?!

    If I had a nickel for every time I've been asked "won't they stain?!" I'd have enough money to... well, probably go and buy even more fabric to mak...
  • How to Support Local During the 2020 Holiday Season

    Hallowe'en is over and the next "big event" in Canada is the Holiday Season: Christmas, Hanukkah, and so many other wonderful family-infused celebr...
  • The Post-COVID-19 Packaging Predicament

    If you've visited one of our booths at a farmers market, holiday show, or local fair, you might recall that the packaging of our products (from pad...
  • How to Fold a Beeswax Wrap into a Snack Bag

    Create a snack pouch or sandwich bag with your flat beeswax wrap.
  • My Second ZeroWaste Birthday Party

    This ^^^ is ALL of the trash created from my son's 9th Birthday Party.  I'm pretty proud of myself for a few reasons: obviously for creating as li...
  • Holiday Room Spray DIY

    A good DIY Holiday Room Spray is the perfect gift for everyone on your shopping list. Teachers, secret Santas, friends, and even party hosts will love this homemade, thoughtful and beautiful gift. Get my recipes and free label downloads now, and start making your own!
  • DIY Foaming Hand Soap

    So, on this little good-riddance-single-use-stuff journey of mine, I decided last Sunday to make my own foaming hand soap for our home.  I was prev...
  • My Body Honour Bucket List

    There are so many things written on the list of changes I want to make.

    It seems like all I have to do is watch a documentary, and I must then add 6 new things to the list. Don't worry, I'm not one to just believe everything I hear... I should say, I watch a documentary, do several hours of independent research, then add 6 new things to the list.

  • My First "Zero Waste" Birthday Party

    I am a fan of friends and gatherings, and time spent outdoors, but I am not a fan of planning parties. I don't enjoy running here and there spending my money on decorations that will meet the trash after 3 hours of use. I don't enjoy juice boxes with the little straws attached for convenience. I don't enjoy...
  • Where it All Began

    Like so many other new mothers in my personal circle, having a baby is what really fast-tracked my journey back to nature. Before pregnancy I was a vegetarian, I was athletic and somewhat natural health aware, but it wasn't until little Muchie (our son in utero) came along that I became super aware, and suspicious, of the products we use every single day and my impact on the planet that I would now be borrowing from my child.