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Interlabial Pads... say what, now?!

You want me to put that where?!

Well, they function exactly as they sound like the do... Have you heard of them yet?

An interlabial pad is a smaller pad, usually round or leaf like in shape, that folds and tucks between your labia at the opening of your vagina and helps absorb and direct period flow and incontinence leaks. (It is not meant to be inserted or used internally.)

These little pads are great boosters to your regular pads for heavy days as they help catch "the gush" of period, or the squirt of a sneeze-pee. They will reduce side leaks by directing flow to the back and front of your pad rather than the sides and adding another layer of absorbency. Overnight, they will help reduce "channeling" of your period to your butt crack. Woot! :P

For very light days, spotting, or just every day wear these pads can be used on their own.

There are a few ways to use your interlabial pad.

  1. Fold in half lengthwise and place between labia, with the fold up.
    fold the interlabial pad
  2. Roll the pad up into a fabric roll and place between labia. Roll lengthwise if less absorbency is required roll widthwise for more absorbency.
    roll the interlabial pad
  3. Simply lay the interlabial pad flat in your underwear, or on top of your pad.
    roll the interlabial pad

Interlabial Pads can be washed with your regular Body Honour pads and liners in cold water, rinsing right away is not required, but it is best to reduce staining.

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