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Tampon Tuesday with United Way Halifax

Can you just imagine having to choose between food or period products?

A box of cereal and a carton of milk or tampons?

A bunch of bananas and a pack of yogurt or pads?

I honestly want to cry just thinking about it.

I've been so fortunate in my life. I have not ever had to wonder if I will have enough money to afford both. I don't believe my mother worried about this as my parent, either. If she did, she didn't let on.

I have never had to ball up a bunch of toilet paper and hope for the best, BECAUSE of a lack of money. Of course I've done it because I've been caught off guard, but those are one offs... not for an entire period. So I've admittedly not spent much time thinking bout it until launching Body Honour.

As a creator of reusable pads and period panties, I hear about amazing initiatives like "Days for Girls" all the time. And it had me wondering how we're doing here at home when it comes to period poverty.

Turns out, not super well.

One third of women (I prefer to use the term "menstruators" as it's inclusive, however I don't want to change the actual statistic here) in CANADA struggle with period poverty according to Plan International.

With the cost of living increasing, this number will only continue to grow.

In attempt to support the movement to end Period Poverty in Nova Scotia, we here at Body Honour are participating in this year's United Way Halifax's Tampon Tuesday initiative.

From today, International Women's Day 2022, to March 31 there are 3 ways you can help us raise funds through the Body Honour website:

  1. 20% of the PRICE of each pad purchased will be donated to United Way Halifax. (This will be a cash donation and not a product in lieu. We understand the barriers to reusable cloth pads that some face, and though we prefer to reduce the waste, we believe it is more important to ensure that all menstruators have the products they need.)

  2. There is a new "Buy A Pad to Donate" option. When you purchase this pad, it will be donated to United Way to distribute with other donations.

  3. In the place of the "Tip" option at checkout, there is a "Donation" option. Every cent received from this option will be donated to the United Way.

This is not the only way to support the cause. Start gathering period products while you're out and keep an eye on the United Way Halifax Facebook Page for drop-off details this month.

And share.

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And, please, if you are facing period poverty and need support, reach out and we'll do our best to connect you with the resources you need.

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