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The Truth About Cotton Panties

You guys, my mind was just BLOWN!

vagina bible cotton panties

I'm reading The Vagina Bible, by Jen Gunter, MD which I picked up at Venus Envy in Halifax, and I have to share this NEWS FLASH with you...

In Chapter 8 we get the truth about underwear. What is best, and what is worse for your vaginal health and wellbeing. 

By show of hands, who here has been told that underwear should be cotton. *raises both hands* We've been told that cotton is breathable (which it is) and therefore paramount in the prevention of yeast infections and other vaginal natural disasters... but according to Dr. Gunter, this is just not the case.

"Underwear can't change vaginal pH ... the only thing that can change the pH is something occlusive - waterproof like plastic or latex."

So wait, I guess that's why I can think back to my childhood summers, spent in the same bathing suit, all day, everyday, with not a yeast infection in sight. Turns out that performance undies (non-cotton, wick away moisture) and bathing suits, which are meant to dry quickly are just as safe for your vag as cotton bloomers!

Bottom line, lace, cotton, spandex, or no undies at all - as long as they're clean-ish (she says you can wear 'em all week without causing a yeast infection) and they fit properly and you're comfortable they're good.

See... mind blown, right?!

I'm not sure I'm ready for the chapter on nutrition and vaginal health... I skimmed, and apparently cranberry juice for reduced yeast infections is total crap... gulp.

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