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Yeast Infections and Cloth Pads

Disclaimer alert: For this article, I am speaking to our brand of Body Honour cloth pads specifically only because I know what materials are in our pads - there are many created with synthetic (melty) fibers that cannot withstand some heat/treatments. Please keep this in mind if you're using other pad brands. ;)

I received a question earlier this month asking if there is anything specific that needs to be done to clean a Body Honour cloth pad if it has been worn during a yeast infection.

Great question, right?!

I had never been asked this before.

So, I did some digging...

Some articles that I've discovered say that washing as per usual is enough to deal with the yeast infection in a cloth pad - similar to the way you would clean your underwear after a yeast infection. My suggestion would be to rinse with cool water if you've haven't already, then wash in warm. Don't rinse/wash pads with blood on them in warm or hot water as this will set the stain.

 Then dry in the dryer on a medium heat setting.

I personally would do this simple clean with an extra rinse after a my pad has been used during a yeast infection.

The thing to keep in mind with our pads is that they have a fleece backing, which can withstand some heat, but not an iron directly on it (for example.) 

The Zorb core is "Infused with SILVADUR™ antimicrobial silver ions to inhibit bacterial growth, control bad odors and create long lasting freshness without toxic chemicals." (As stated by the manufacturer.) Zorb is also a non-woven material, which means that it cleans and dries well as it absorbs.

The cotton portion of our pad is a bit different but still comes clean as I mentioned above.

That being said, there are a few things that can give them an extra cleaning if desired:

So here are some recommended options for your Body Honour pads:

- Diluted vinegar soak for a few hours and then a wash. You only need a little bit. A half a cup in a full load is all that is recommended if soaking in the machine. If preferring to soak in a tub or bucket first, just a tablespoon per gallon should do it.

- Set them out in the sun - I do this with my pads on a regular basis as the sun clears away any staining for the most part and acts as a natural disinfectant.


- Finally, a hot iron will help to sterilize them. Simply hold your iron on top of the cotton side (avoid the snaps) for a few seconds. I would do this one only as a last resort as because of the extreme heat, but it is an option. All Body Honour pads are ironed before being shipped, so they should not be damaged if done properly.


As stated on our tags, we do NOT recommend bleach. Even after a yeast infection. It's not needed, and will compromise the purpose of the pad, not to mention damage the cute AF print that you picked!


The great news is that you don't have to abandon your cloth pads for yucky garbage pads at a time when you need comfort the most. AND cloth pads can actually reduce yeast infections as they are breathable and don't have the toxins that you'd find in trash-pads.


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