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Flourish 4 Bamboo Sherpa Wipes

Flourish 4 Bamboo Sherpa Wipes

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Ditch the disposable make-up pads, scratchy face cloths, garbage baby wipes, tissues and even toilet paper - yeah, we're goin' there...

These versatile beauties are so soft, they can be used on all delicate and precious skin - faces, vaginas, baby bums, these wipes can do it all.

Measuring a square 4.5 inches, these cotton flannel topped, ultra soft bamboo Sherpa bottomed cloths are used in our home for all of the above - yes, even as toilet UN-paper, especially while camping. Simply use, then wash as you do your other clothing... so easy, so much softer.

For makeup, add a bit of coconut oil on the cloth to rub off even stubborn waterproof eye makeup, or simply use warm water.

For baby wipes, use your own homemade essential oil spray to help with clean up or again, warm water.

This listing is for a set of 8 as pictured.