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Geo on Grey Overnight/Postpartum Pad

Geo on Grey Overnight/Postpartum Pad

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Body Honour Overnight/Postpartum pads are just what the Naturopathic Doctor orders when it comes to heavy flow. Yup, they're big. Yup, they're a bit bulky. Yup, they are going to DO. THE. JOB.

Measuring at 11 inches in length, this pad offers the coverage you need throughout the night, or when you've just experienced a true miracle... and are now in need of a little extra gentleness as well as absorbency.

This mega-pad features a flannel top, 2 layers of extra long, uber-absorbent zorb core and a fleece backing. Large wings provide an extra layer of protection, and plastic snaps keep this pad in its place! Please note, the print on the pad in this image is a sample only.

While you will be sent this print, each pad is a little bit different and may have a different colour snap.
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